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Each of the families represented here has roots from Melaka. Their forebears came from a foreign land over the generations; intermarried with the locals of the time and formed a unique community known as the Dutch Eurasians.

Some families have been mapping out their genealogy for years, while others are just starting to discover their roots. There are also other Dutch Eurasian families still residing in Malaysia whose names are De Wind, Goonting, Hendriks, Hendroff, Klyne, Kraal, Keun, Overee, Pavonaris, Spykerman, Tessensohn, Thomazios, Valberg, Van Weiringen, and Velge.

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De Witt Family

Documenting the Past for the Future

Minjoot Family

From Melaka to England

Timothy Fredericks and Family

A Journey of Discovery

Klass Family

A Custodian of Heirlooms

Nigel Skelchy

The Heritage of Cooking

Westerhout Family

A Legacy of Sixteen Generations

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