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Every thirteenth of the month, beggars would stream into the porch of the house to collect a loaf of bread and one cent which the matriarch of the house would give out.

Cedric Periera lives in Singapore and traces his Dutch roots 9 generations back to Melaka.

He is of Portuguese and Dutch descent, his Dutch lineage originates from the Klass side of his family.

Most of what Cedric has discovered about the Klass family comes from stories told by his grandmother, Margaret Augusta Klass.

The Klass Family, Easter 1926

Every five years, it was customary for a family photograph to be taken. It became a tradition to be carried on in later generations.

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James Sebastian Klass

A portrait, 1917.

The British introduced the profession of 'dresser' in Penang, and their role was initially as an apothecary, then later the dressers role was to assist the surgeon in binding up wounds. It was a way for many to start their medical careers.

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Cedric Pereira b.1948

James Sebastian Klass
A Woman of Dutch Descent
The House
The Custodian

© All stories entrusted and photographs are courtesy of Cedric Pereira.

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